Beauty Love Quotes That Will make You Go Crazy In Love

You don’t have to change for someone to love you. If they really love you they’ll accept you as you are. If their love is true they will understand you.

If he left you, don’t let him see that you are weak.. It is your chance to make him realize that he’s lucky he met you and it’s his loss that he left you.

No matter how pretty your face is, if you have an ugly heart, no one is going to love you.

Give a chance to the one who waits for you instead of to the person who hurt you.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from finding the one person who is right for you

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Don’t assume too much. If you expect less, you might hurt less.
No matter the pain and hate you

feel in your heart, there is a person that is meant for you who will ease that pain and hate.

I’d rather be single and alone than to be with someone who’s already committed.

Don’t be sad if he leaves you when there are so many people who love you.

But I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me.

Few understand me. Few know the real me. I am glad that you are one of those few

There are a lot of things that will make you happy. Don’t let one person be the reason you’re sad.

A smile is my favorite make up. Love is all the blusher I need. Confidence makes my lips more kissable than the prettiest lipstick.

Forget those who made you cry, but never forget the ones who make you smile.

Losing someone you love is painful, but if you are patient life will bring someone much better for you.

Take time to connect with people who inspires you, then try to be a person who inspires others to connect with you.

Don’t love someone who only expresses love when it is convenient. Instead, love someone who shows their love for you even when they are busy.

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.

If you want to see the person that is right for you, start closing your eyes to the people who are wrong for you.

I didn’t change. I just stopped acting the way you want me to be.

I don’t bother crying for the people who leave my life, because it makes me appreciate the people who stay with me no matter what.

To change is never easy, but there comes a time that change is needed.

How will you see the person who will make you smile if your eyes are closed crying for the wrong person.

Don’t worry what others will say about you, as long as you are happy with what you have, happy with you’re life and happy with you’re love keep doing it and stay strong.

Don’t pity yourself because they left. Pity them because, no matter what they do, they’ll never have you again.

There is never a right time to do the wrong thing

Christmas is always best if you can share it with the ones you love. Sharing the blessings and giving thanks to each other.

We live not to let go and give up but to fight and learn.

Sometimes in life you become so busy that you forget to thank the people who have been so good to you…so Thank You!


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