Top Selected IN LOVE QUOTES For Those Who Are In Love

After meeting you in the day nights feel so long. I just wait for the next time I am going to meet you and can’t even sleep at nights lost in thoughts about you.

I could not help but fall for your beautiful blue eyes. Your smile had gripped me and I could not take my eyes off of you. This is nothing but else but Love!

Love is a strange concept. That the very sight of someone, the very mention of their name, can cause an intense chemical reaction inside you is crazy.

Every time I see you, you inspire me, and everyday you love me, makes me happy.

Everyday I spend with you is a blessing for me.

He who is in love can become anything at all. He could be a poet today, a painter tomorrow, a singer another day. For when you fall in love there is hardly anything that you cannot do. All things become possible through love.

You came into my life and ad changed everything, made me a better person and took care of me. I love you and I know you feel the same. You may not be perfect but you are the right one for me.

I’m in love, always, because you make me fall in love everyday.

Sweet things happen to loving people. So when you do sweet things for me, I look back and try to find out how loving I have been and the I realize that my love for you is simply beyond measure.

When I looked into your eyes the last time, I found priceless jewels. Love flowed through and all I saw was a reflection of my face. I know that even for a million dollars, I would never trade this relationship.

It’s really good to be loved by the person that you love, the person who you know will take care of you, protect and defend you and the person who will love you for what and who you are.

I don’t want anything else in life… all I want is you here by my side loving me and taking care of me.

The further our relationship goes, the more I fall in love with you. I used to wonder if this love would ever get boring but now I see that you are the one for me.

I didn’t know what love was until I got to know you. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

I love you because you are the craziest person I know. You can make me do the most craziest thing I never thought I’d do. You make me crazy for you.

People in love overvalue their heart and undervalue their mind.

I love you and that will not change. Whatever the reason that you’re trying to hide, whatever it is that you’re keeping away, it does not matter I will still be here.

When you are in love, you tend to do things that you would never do. I think so much about you love, I even dream about the times we spend together that is what Love can do.

When I’m with you the time passes too fast.. I guess it’s because I’m always happy when I’m with you. Even a whole day with you is just isn’t enough.

I was never a poet before but now I write poems for you, I was a music listener but now I sing and hum love songs too. I guess falling in love makes you a new person.

There is nothing and no one who can make me fall in love like you do. You have changed my world and made me new. I have never been this much in love before. Now that I have found love, I cannot let it go.

My love for you has blossomed and grow. I never stopped thinking of what could have been. Your love is my world and I hope you know.

You make me happy with just a simple hi. You make me feel special each day I see you. You put the smile back on my face. Please catch me because I’m falling for you.

Give me another chance to fall in love and I will still fall in love with you. You have made my life so beautiful that I cannot see another world without you. You and I are meant to be together and I will always love you.

It makes me feel better every time I make you happy because your happiness is my happiness too.

I was just an ordinary person before I met you, but ever since you came into my life everything feels better than ever before. It feels so good to be in Love!

I am so blessed to have you to share my life with.


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